Fedora 28 Release Party (Beijing) Report

by Pany 2018-Jun-03

May 27th, "Fedora Zhongwen (Chinese) User Group" (aka FZUG) held the Fedora 28 Release Party at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Fedora 28 Release Party Beijing

It was a great release party in which we shared some knowledge and experience on Fedora with students, users, packagers, and contributors to FOSS communities. Communicating with birds of a feather, I am sure that we all learned a lot from one another.

What’s new in Fedora 28

The first talk, What’s new in Fedora 28 & introduction to Fedora and FZUG, was made by me, with which I shared the new features in F28, especially Third-Party Repositories, GNOME 3.28, Modularity etc., and gave a brief intro about how to contribute to Fedora Project and FZUG.

Fedora packaging and tools

Next, zsun, the Fedora Ambassador, made a speech about Fedora packaging and tools. To make it more convenient and easier to master, we prepared some Fedora Packager Cheat Cubes for the comers.

Then Xavier Yao briefly talked about the Tsinghua University TUNA Association that helped with the site of this Release Party.

After all above, there was an open floor time for us to discuss new techs in fedora and other FOSS software, as well as deliver some stickers and other swags.


It was my first time to organize a release party, so surely improvements could be made. For example, the party time, since TUNA just had held another event the day before, we didn't get as many people involved as we had expected. Next time we'll figure out a better party time and do more promotion for the event.

Still, it was a great time to be with these guys. Thank you all who contributed to the release and made it successful.